How to install eDEX-UI Terminal


First things first, we have to download it:

# Download latest version

# You can download latest version from here
Code language: PHP (php)

Now we have to make the file executable

# Make executable
chmod +x eDEX-UI-Linux-x86_64.AppImage
Code language: CSS (css)

And finally run the terminal emulator

# Run program
Code language: PHP (php)

You will see it loading and after it will open.

eDEX-UI Terminal


That’s all! eDEX-UI is a geeky, full screen, and cross-platform desktop application resembling a sci-fi futuristic computer interface. It’s not built for doing any practical work your system, but to make your device or computer feel insanely geeky. If you have any thoughts to share, reach us via the comment form below.

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